Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's a love/hate relationship..

Since I started getting serious about paleo eating, I've realized there are certain foods that I just can't keep in the house. They're just too damn tasty and I'll overdo it before I have a chance to red flag it, lol.. so here's the short list of incredibly yummy paleo indulgences--

Two words: ALMOND BUTTER. Especially the crunchy kind by Maranatha.. mmmmmmm...... they also sell a creamy chocolate spread, all of which are great for paleo baking recipes. But when you're trying to stay away from the sweet addictions you just gotta say no to the nutty goodness lol..

Almonds that aren't pre-packaged. It's easy for me to grab the snack packs and just have one, but if I get a bag/canister look the hell out bc there's a good chance I'll find myself zoned out, bored and hungry just noshing away on wayyyy too many almonds. I just need that portion control, it is what it is!

Dark chocolate--questionable in the paleo/primal eating world but I bought an 80% dark Belgian chocolate almond bar on excellent discount a few wks ago thinking I could eat a few squares here and there, which was an epic fail. Once I get started on the sweets it's all over but the cryin lol. One of the many reasons why I figured a 30 day strict challenge would be good for me because as with any addiction you have to learn to 'just say no' if you don't have self control!

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