Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer and New Ambitions

Hallelieuja, summer has arrived! Con and I spent yesterday at the pool soaking up the sun to round off our great holiday wknd. I'm proud to report that I made it through all parties and cookouts without cheating! I knew I was up against formidable odds bc I do love my booze lol, but since I'm having Ash do my body fat and measurements Friday I felt like I had more important things at stake and found a way to tough it out.. honestly, I'm surprised at how little effort it took for me to stick to the plan. I'm starting to realize how much it has to do with just making a conscious decision to do what's best for me.

While summer isn't exactly upon me yet (still have to BS my way through one more project Thursday), it definitely feels like it outside since it's about 9000 degrees and I'm sweating just sitting here. I've been thinking about what kind of changes or different goals I want to look toward for the next few months. Of course I want to finish up my weight loss goals, gain more strength and toning (although with cf that kinda takes care of itself); maintain my paleo eating style. But something new I've been considering is to cancel the cable. Not gonna lie, I feel like we're a little addicted in my house. There are so many things I need to do this summer--not limited to health goals: renovating the new house, doing lots of reading to prep for law school next year, and just generally enjoying my first (and last) summer of complete freedom for awhile. In the long run we'll save like 70 bucks a month--that's a day trip to the zoo with Connor, or tickets to Kings Island! Painful as it is, I see that it must be done.. but I'll have to cut it off soon before I change my mind, lol..

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  1. Do it Melissa, cut off the cable...then go out and buy some great books. I've got great suggestions for some excellent Paleoesque reading. I've yet to get to them all myself so maybe cutting the cable would be a good goal for myself as well.

    As White Goodman says, "break out into a mental sweat too."