Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time and Money are two Terrible things to Waste..

In my quest to adapt a more paleo lifestyle, I've noticed a few things.. for one, I'm oddly obsessed with my bruises. Constantly showing them off like 'yep, see those baseball-sized beasts on my shoulders? NBD, just did a shitload of front squads yesterday at 85#'. Other people probably think I'm a weirdo but it's fine bc I wear them like medals of honor. Well, except the ones I get on my collar bone since I'm sure everyone is judging me for those.. they look like effin hickeys I swear! Another thing I've noticed is my addiction to reading blogs about nutrition and other people's journey; I bookmark a new meal almost every day, and I've ordered several really interesting books that I see other people referencing. It floors me how little we all truly know about our own body chemistry--it's a little unsettling.
I've also noticed that throughout the past several months my budget consciousness at the grocery store has gone completely out the window. I'm not sure when this happened, but I just started noticing it the past couple of weeks and it needs immediate attention. Anyone who has followed this WOE can tell you it isn't nearly as cheap to live on a relatively high protein/veggie/fruit/nut diet as it is buying a ton of low quality, highly processed garbage. But there are ways to make it manageable, and I'm starting to find great ways to save..
- Shop the ad at whatever stores you like--mind you I don't have time to mess around with going to several groceries, so I go wherever the best deals are on the meat and produce I want. Chiefs a great deal on their pick 5 for 19.99 meats, and Walmart always has huge packs of chicken breast for 1.99/#. They might not be trimmed down and ready to cook, but I do them all at once and grill a shitload of it for the week, which also saves time!
- Clip a few coupons--this doesn't mean you have to become one of those insane extreme coupon ppl.. NOBODY NEEDS 93 BAGS OF CROUTONS, EVEN IF THEY ARE ON SALE. But if you find a good coupon for frozen veggies, save it til you see them on sale in the weekly ad then stock up! You'll save a lot more that way, and it usually tides me over til the next time they go markdown.
- Start a small garden--this is a new endeavor for me this year, so we'll see how it goes. But I figure if I can grow a little fresh produce right in my backyard, it'll be fresh and free so I win double!
- Eggs!!--they're cheap, easy, can me made a million different ways, and great for protein. Nobody said you had to eat a big fat steak or chicken breast at every meal. I love eggs in all form, which is strange bc I always hated them before! Ever since I cut out processed shit my palate has changed immensely, just another benefit I'm reaping from this WOE!!

So there you have it, a few of the ways you can stock and save. And just one more thing I've noticed if you're not sold yet--my food is 10000000x better tasting than anything I can order in a restaurant. Which makes me sad bc I love eating out... but I must admit, I find it mostly sub-par in comparison these days. Oh well, just one more way I'm saving mulah!!

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