Friday, May 27, 2011


Today I did my first completely unmodified workout--no bands, lower reps, or scaled down weights. Of course I'm really proud of myself (despite the fact that everyone did the WOD unmodified), it gives me a real sense of accomplishment nonetheless. We're coming into the final days of our 30 day challenge, and I'm kind of pissed at myself because I had a couple of slip-up days when what I really wanted was to go the full distance with zero cheats. It always seems to happen once on the weekends though, so my mini personal goal is to get through this Memorial Day weekend 100% paleo.. we'll see how that goes!!

Now that Connor is out of school for the summer and I'm rapidly approaching graduation (yay!!), I'm having a hard time finding a balance. Granted the busy-ness of finishing up at Wright State is probably the biggest barrier, but it's tough to peel myself out of bed for CF at 5:30 am every day when it would be sooooo easy to sleep in :) Then again, I know myself well enough to realize that waiting till afternoon class gives me too many opportunities to come up with an excuse to be lazy so I'm thinking 5:30 am and I might have to learn to be friends... hmmm...

I'm also really excited to report that my little sister will be joining my CF family soon, which is awesome! I'm really looking forward to having her come with me, we've become a lot closer in the past couple years so I think it will be really fun for us to do this together! And for those who don't already know, it appears that I have a busy month ahead of me in June since Connor and I now have a new house! Yay for not living in the ghetto anymore, although I was really looking forward to teaching Con how to use a shank.. hahaha j/k

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