Monday, June 13, 2011

An Attitude of Gratitude

I had a rough weekend. Again. It was probably my own fault, I've been feeling pretty cocky about how easy things have been lately, how I haven't been craving anything bad or overdoing it on anything good, and how I haven't felt compelled to buy almond butter in a few wks. Enter the brag monster.... we won't even go into detail about what I ate this wknd. Just know that it took me down a notch or two and that I felt freakin disgusting. Always a big 'told ya so' reminder as to why I choose to only eat real foods. They don't make my poor guts grumble or mess w my digestion. I mentally pressed the reset button on life yesterday morning, so it's best now to own up to the bad and move on! And what a great way to start the week I might add--

Five Things I'm Grateful For:

1) My new home, and my parents for helping me find/buy/fix it. We could've easily lived and thrived in this apartment for the next few yrs while I finished law school, it has been a great place for me, Connor and Brutus for the past two yrs. But having a home gives such a greater feeling of permanence, it's hard to describe. And it's ours. And there aren't a bunch of crazyyyy ass people living in every effing direction. Amen!!!!!!

2) My job, not that I love it or anything because God only knows some of the things that go through my head.. but it's been steady for 3 yrs now and I always make enough to pay my bills. I like most of the ppl I work with, which helps get through the crappy days, and they've always been pretty flexible with my schedule and letting me do what I need to do.

3) I'm grateful for the amazing opportunity to go to law school at minimal cost to myself. I know that's something I essentially earned for myself through a lot of hard work at Wright State and time spent studying for the LSAT, but ultimately if it weren't for the academic scholarship I wouldn't be going to ONU next year bc there's no way I could financially burden myself on that level without having some kind of mental breakdown.

4) I'm grateful for a functioning body, one that has the ability to rebound from yrs of bad food and inactivity, or just a weekend of it for that matter. I'm grateful that I can run, jump, play with Connor. Ride bike instead of driving, do some half ass pullups and (finally) get vertical enough to do unmodified box jumps.

5) There just aren't words to describe how grateful I am to have such an awesome network of people in my life--parents, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, fellow crossfitters, Facebook friends. I've been rallied and encouraged by so many people in the past year that it defies logic. It still surprises me on some level, especially when it comes from the most unlikely sources. But I take it all in stride and remember those golden moments when the going gets tough or I'm having a bad couple of days. Thank God for good people!

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