Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Before I get down to business

Tuesday morning, much to accomplish starting with today. Normally I'm uber-productive on Monday's but I so totally wasted yesterday.. I think all the crap I did on the wknd caught up with me and made me bitchy and tired. At least I'm self aware enough to admit it lol. I made it to morning CF class, but it was pretty much all down hill from there.. I took a two hr nap, woke up pissy bc it was so God-forsaken hot, and had to work a few hrs in the evening, 0 for 3!! Thankfully things went smooth and the rest of my night was better, aside from subsequently not being able to sleep last night (nap) and deciding I'd have to do evening CF tonight. That's ok though, sometimes it's busier but I really like seeing the other half of the crew that doesn't do mornings. The only downside is that I'll be thinking about it all day and psyching myself out, haha.

One thing I've noticed now that my body has adjusted to not having a constant influx of high carbs crap is that my energy levels are finally evening out (yesterday was apparently an exception). I think some ppl make the mistake of giving up on paleo too quickly bc your body really does take some time to learn how to run on the right kind of fuels. I've also noticed my hunger tapering pretty significantly. Not that I don't feel totally ravaged some days, but I figure those are probably high repair days for my body and so I throw on a little more good fats than usual. My meals are kind of random, I don't force myself into any sort of time slots these days, instead I just eat when I'm truly hungry. That's kind of a big step for me because it means changing the relationship I have with food in a big way--our extended family is full of amazing cooks, and eating has been part of everything for us.. celebrating good times, holidays, hard times. I desperately needed this paradigm shift! It's no longer about living to eat, but rather eating to live.

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