Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Box Jumps, butt cracks, and other randomness

I think I'll take a few more moments to toot my own horn again today. For one, I followed through with my pledge to cancel the cable; I'm thinking that was a good move toward productivity and maybe getting my ass to bed at a more legit time this summer. They still haven't shut it off, but I've made it priority to leave it off most of the time for the past two days and I've noticed a certain peace that comes from the silent practice of just relaxing without outside distractions. Tonight I just folded some laundry and listened to the sounds of summer outside, it was great. I finished my hellish business plan/final project (begrudgingly) and decided to lay down to blog and read for a bit before bed. Monday marks the beginning of being ass-deep in this new house project, so I should probably enjoy the laziness while I've got it!

On the workout front, I'm stoked to report that I've mastered the box jump and am no longer pissing around on a short box with plates stacked on top. This is no small feat for me--those damn things are tall and I'm no slim little number with an impressive vertical jump lol, it definitely ain't pretty but I've got it down and that's all that matters now. That marks my second unmodified WOD today, another notch in the proverbial crossfit belt!

Oh, and one more quickie before I wrap things up for the night--let me just say that there is nothing fun about doing sit-ups til you rip your butt crack. I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that one...

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