Thursday, June 16, 2011

No Regrets

I've come to realize that I need my sleep. Summer and the new house (and all the work it entails) has thrown me for a loop as far as my schedule goes, especially my go to bed/wake up times. I've been hitting a good mix of am and afternoon CF classes, and have noticed that on the days I go at 6 am, I'm a royal effing hag by about 10 am, and my attitude pretty much sucks for the rest of the day. My apologies to anyone whose head I've ripped off on those days, I now know that if o don't go to bed by 10 or 11 I will absolutely be going to afternoon class the next day lol.. just thought I'd throw that out there.

Yesterday after class I was beat up, it was a 'burpees til you die' kind of workout, but I couldn't help but be satisfied with myself for going. See sometimes with the afternoon class I find myself trying to make excuses to skip, like I'm painting or I'm tired or whatever other bs comes into my head. I ultimately decide to get my shit together and go, and I realized last night after that killer workout that I NEVER regret showing up. Not once. Sure, it's tough, and I'm probably going to add a new bruise to my collection or leave with even more callouses on my hands... but I never regret doing the WOD.

It made me think about how that expands into the rest of my life, my outlook and attitude have really evolved over the past year, even just the past few months since starting CF. My confidence soars every time I see myself improve in time or do a really hard WOD.. wait, what am I saying, they're all a b*tch. I consider myself realllly lucky-- for making the life changes I've made, improving my life and my health, for finding Crossfit and Ash and the barbells and the burpees and the fucking awesome people. It's all led to a major paradigm shift in how I approach life and challenge. I'm living for each moment instead of waiting for better things to come, and realizing that I'm strong and capable enough to deal with anything that comes my way.

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  1. Your point about how you now approach life reminds me of an awesome theory about whether you "Live to WOD or WOD to Live." I posted a it a while back and it clicked with me. CHeck it out here: