Thursday, June 30, 2011


As I write this post, I'm sitting on the deck of our beach house soaking up the rays and listening to the waves roll in. I fucking love Alabama. And yes, I'm rubbing it in haha... The past few days have been unbelieveable for me, sometimes you just don't realize how freakin keyed up and stressed out you are until you take like 5 seconds to chill out. Gulf Shores is my escape from the crazy. You know how it is when you've just juggling too much stuff, eventually you lose your shit.. that's where I was about 4 days ago lol.

Coming down here... it just gives me a new perspective on things, on life, on the people around me, my relationships--everything. I'm not gonna lie though I do miss being home. It isn't the kind of homesick that makes you sad, it's the kind that makes you actually appreciate what you have. And I'm going through some serious Crossfit withdrawals which is NOT fine... seriously can't wait to get back in the gym and have Ash kick my ass all over that place. I might even do some burpees today, we'll see how things play out haha. At any rate, this is my last day here so I'm going to chill out by the ocean and take it all in. See ya'll in a few days! (Yeah, it's fine I've developed a creepy southern accent...)

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