Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Today's project post is about the little things..

Five Things that Make you Happy to be Alive:

1) Driving down the road on a nice day with the perfect song on blast. Sunglasses, sunroof, the whole damn deal. You can't tell me that doesn't put you in a great mood just thinking about it!

2) Chillin' and Grillin'! Seems like at least once a week a few of us get together just to hang out, grill up some badass food, and drink a few beers. Life is just better when you have a sense of community and family with people you're closest to. Which is why I'm also really looking forward to the hog roast with the rest of my CF crew in mid-July!

3) Traveling/Road trips! Getting there is half the fun! And of course getting to see new places, enjoying the view when you drive through the mountains, spending that time with a few friends, having ridiculous stories and pictures to share later (that only you can fully appreciate lol).. I'm also stoked about the upcoming trip to drop in on another box while I'm there!

4) Hanging out with my parents, especially now that I'm older. I just like going over there to relax and talk, sometimes Mom makes me and Con up a plate for dinner. Makes me feel like a kid again, takes away the insanely high level of responsibility that I always seem to be shouldering even if only for a little while.

5) Walking out of class for the night after a really kick ass WOD. C'mon, you knew it was coming sooner or later lol.. I just love the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. I could choose to sit at home and be a lazy ass, sometimes I think I'd prefer it, but like I said before I have never regret showing up!

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