Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Funday!!

I feel like shit today. Not that I'm exceptionally hungover or anything (although I'm pretty sure I should be based on last nights epic beer consumption), I just feel blah... I've been avoiding alcohol for the most part lately, and I also ate like half a potato w my steak Friday night when we decided to grill out at 2 am. I kind of just gave myself a free pass to be an asshole this wknd so I'm pretty sure the result was some kind of violent reaction inside my body. Literally can't even think straight today.. God I hate me right now, lol... this is that occasional reminder as to why I avoid grains and booze. Gross.

Obringers party was a hit last night despite the weather, they never fail to deliver an awesome time! At some point in the night when I'm about 8 beers deep we start talking about Crossfit and of course I whip out the pictures and start telling them all about it. Next thing I know I'm arm wrestling grown men. Yep, bitch was hosting the gun show last night. What thee hell. But it was a great time, it gives me something unique to talk about and people are always impressed when you tell them you could probably deadlift them, haha!

So in an effort to feel like less of a lardass after my wknd of debauchery I'm thinkin I'll go out for a run this afternoon. Running is where it all started for me last year; I'll never forget that first month seriously I was like 250 and barely making it from one pole to the next without dying. That must have been an effing sight. I can't even imagine ever being that unhealthy again... I wasn't really living life. It's amazing how much your perspective can change through the practice of new habits. At any rate, I've been a superslacker in the running dept since starting cf'ing, it just feels unnecessary to force myself if I don't really want to do it. But last night we were discussing the warrior dash, since I wasn't able to do the one in Hocking I'm planning on signing up for September so it might be advisable to get my shit together and pound pavement a little more often!


  1. Glad to hear you had a good time. While I myself am not on the Paleo diet, I have been reducing caloric intake and trying to watch what I eat. (Not always great at it, but I do pretty well.) I have found that the "occasional" mess up doesn't hurt my overall losses that much.

    Beer, or more importantly, alcohol does mess with me a lot more as well. I use to drink like a champion binge drinker with little side effect, but now I can't have a few without noticing it in the morning... I have been seriously considering dropping it completely from my diet, although I somehow know that isn't very realistic living in Mercer Co...

    Running is awesome if you are able to do it! I have been cycling and I get the same enjoyment out of it that you seem to from everything you have going on. I can definitely relate to your pole-to-pole comment. I thought I was going to die when I first got on my bike, but now I travel across town as often as I can without half the effort as when I first started.

  2. That's awesome cory, glad to hear you're doing well! Feels good to take charge of your own wellness.. I feel like being in control of that makes me feel better about keeping other aspects of my life in order. And I'm with ya on the booze thing, I've made it less of a social thing but sometimes it can be hard to be sober when everyone else is tearin it up lol. I'm working on it, definitely cut down in a big way. Food wise I didn't do too bad, but starchy foods and crap like that don't sit well with my guts these days lol. Oh well, it's a good reminder as to why I eat the way I do!