Monday, July 25, 2011

Back in Action

July has been one hell of a month for me.. so many awesome things happened--I took an amazing vacation with some great girls, got to be apart of two of my closest friends' wedding, my best friend became my boyfriend, and along with that I gained 3 awesommmme kids into my and Connor's lives. I worked my ass off and have almost finished the new house, and somehow found a little time here and there to really enjoy the summer. But there was one thing missing from this epic month--Crossfit.

I'm a big believer in 'everything happens for a reason' so I tried really hard not to be bitter about the lengthy list of issues and circumstances that found me WOD-blocked for the entire last month. Some days were better than others, but I got some serious clarity on just how much an integral part of my life that CF has become. It's not just about the workout either.. it's the people, the feeling of accomplishment, the confidence it has allowed me to build in myself, the discipline... I miss EVERYTHING. At the risk of sounding really dramatic, I don't feel like myself without CF Crave. I can't tell you how ready I am to walk back into that place next Monday, to get my ass kicked and work til I'm not sure whether it's sweat or tears rolling down my face, haha. It's a little ridiculous how giddy I am even though I have perfect recall as to how brutal those first couple weeks back are gonna be. But it's all good, and it's totally worth it to be back where I belong with my crossfit family. See ya'll in a week!!