Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Open

I could give you at least a dozen reasons why I didn't plan on signing up for the 2012 Crossfit Open. First of all, it's no secret that my health has been a complete joke the past few months between my sketchy appearances at the box and zero self-control in what I've been putting into my body. Only in the past few weeks have a really begun buckling down and dialing in on that aspect of my life again because I took a good, hard look and realized it was out of fucking control. Reason two stands to follow--I'm not even close to a competitor in comparison to some of the other people involved. It is a complete embarassment the way that I have back-seated the health of my mind and body over the past few months, so why would I want to see just how far from grace I've fallen? Then this morning my shin was OWNED during a box jump... not just a little skin removal, we're talking immediate goose-egg sized lump and full-frontal scalping.

Never have I recieved a "DNF" in a WOD, but it almost came to that today! Soooo there you have it, the short list of reasons why I wasn't signing up for the Games. I had resolved not to even go to the first WOD yesterday, but (thankfully) TC guilted me into it and I went. Was I super pleased with only doing 68 burpees in 7 minutes? Fuck no. Body weight movements and high speed aren't my strong points even in prime shape so I wasn't expecting anything spectacular, but I was glad that I showed up, as I always am.

The rest of the night I kept toying with the idea of signing up for the Open, but I never really got serious about it until I starting thinking about how much it pisses me off to hear people make up excuses why they can't Crossfit. Because as much as we love the exclusivity of our little club, the truth is this: Anyone. Can. Crossfit. I'm too out of shape (this is how you GET IN SHAPE), I'm too old (just saw a picture of a 91 yr old woman deadlifting on an affiliate site), I'm not strong enough (you'll GET stronger), it costs too much (so does shitty health and fast food), I don't have time (Pure Bullshit)... the list goes on. So when I find myself making some weak ass excuses as to why I can't/won't/shouldn't sign up for the Open, how is that any different?? The answer is, it's not. It's no different than the lame excuses other people give me for not taking responsibility for their health and body. So today I decided to man-up and register for the 2012 Crossfit Open along with a handful of people from Crave. Am I winning anything, no, but as one of my fellow CF'ers said today--It's about the ride.

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