Sunday, March 11, 2012

You Know You're a Craver When.......

This weekend was totally badass, really had a great time celebrating Dylan's birthday with some friends and people from the box. Literally cannot think of the last time I had that much fun! And it was an incident free evening, hahaha.. always a plus! So of course today I was thinking about some of the crazy shit we CFer's do that other people might find a little... ummm... unsettling, and I've compiled the short list! Enjoy!

You know you're a Craver when:

*You do handstands. Everyfuckingwhere. And then take a pic of it to send to Ashley.

(Of course I'm at the far left struggling for life... booze + new to handstands = Fail)

*You have so many bruises people either think you're a battered wife or training to become a cage fighter

*A newbie at the gym asks what you do for fun and you say "This..."

*Nobody understands half the shit you post on your FB status because it's always in Crossfit lingo (and they bitch about it... haters gon' hate, haha)

*You've seen the glorious Open 'stache

*Your chosen mode of getting from one place to the next is never walking--instead you high-skip/karaoke/do some other random movement that pretty much scares anyone who doesn't understand what's going on

*You legitimately know someone with the nickname "Steel Panther"

*Everything you do is for time and begins with "3...2...1...Go!" even if it's only in your head

*When life hands you lemons, you do a lemon drop!

Short but great, true stuff always is the funniest! I love my box, I love our trainers, and I love these crazy ass people--my life has truly been enriched by everyone I've met there. Here's to the gym that has become a second home, and to friends who have become more like family! (I'd drink to that but I'm pretty sure I couldn't even look at a beer after last night)


  1. Great blog post, Melissa. Very witty - I asked Ashley what the "Dylan & Melissa show" was last year on the Halloween flyer. I thought it was a band since I saw pics of Dylan, but she said it was you two drinking, lol. Sorry I missed it.

  2. Yep...that just about sums it all up. Love it Melissa, thanks for the laugh. So very true!