Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sharing your Passion

He started drinking water on Sunday afternoon. I didn't think much of it at first, but then curiosity won over as the day wore on and he kept doing it. I was totally perplexed, because anyone who knows Todd can tell you that given the chance he would drink Mtn Dew from sun up till sun down. And then he started on the water again first thing Monday morning while I was making him breakfast. By 3 pm when he walked in with a Dasani bottle I just couldn't take it anymore and decided to ask him what the hell was going on. He's not one for any sort of change so when he does things like that it puts me on high alert--I'm thinking maybe he isn't feeling good or there's a zombie apocalypse on the horizon, which seems about as plausible as him drinking water. He simply says "What, it's better for ya" like I haven't told lectured him about this 18 dozen times. Like I haven't warned him about his sugar consumption and the fact that he has a family history of weak hearts and already has high blood pressure that isn't being managed by medication. The benefits of water over Mtn fucking Dew are not new to me. I realize that you have to pick your battles, and he's an adult, so I don't feel like I should have to nag or beg him to take care of himself. But Todd isn't your typical overweight/overeating heart-attack-waiting-to-happen kinda guy, which is what makes it even scarier in my book to think that he may be a ticking time bomb. I want him to be around for our kids and their kids, and I want him to be around for me.

When we first started dating he said, and I quote, "sooo what's up with this Crossfit thing?" He then proceeded to tell me that it was fine if I was into it but that I'd never get him in there and we pretty well left it at that. Yet over the past couple months since I've been hitting it full force I can see some interest sparked in him; not just about the eating aspect but the working out part (although he finds the state of my poor hands to be appalling). I can tell he wants it but he doesn't like to do anything unless he's the best at it and he sure as hell isn't going to walk in there and have me out-lift him at every turn. Like so many people that walk into the box for the first time, he's super self conscious and he doesn't realize what the rest of us have long since learned--nobody else gives a shit what you're doing because they're too worried about what they're doing! I'm freakishly excited about his budding interest in paleo and (potentially) Crossfit, but I'm doing my best not to show it too much for fear of spooking him like some kind of wild animal.

I've found myself already loading him up with information, sending him links and trying to explain to him why pasta is the devil and fat is a satiating little merrymaker who's been living with a bad-rep for so many years. All the while I'm sitting on the edge of my seat hoping he will buy into this lifestyle because I know how much healthier he would be and how much easier it would make my life if he were on board as well. At what point do you have to come down off the soapbox and realize people are going to do what they're gonna do and you can't force them wake up and take care of themselves? I know that even though I've had some guides and helping hands along the way, I ultimately had to come to a place of health on my own for myself and realize that only I was responsible for my success or failures. Good intentions don't mean a damn thing, it's what you do that counts.

So how do you begin to explain something as simple and complex as Crossfit? I mean he already sees me coming home drenched in sweat and dirt and occasionally blood, bruised and battered and thinks I've lost my GD mind. How do you explain in words something that elicits so many feelings in you--ask anyone and they will tell you that the box is so much more than the workout.

It's learning something new every day.

It's finding discipline and strength you didn't believe you could ever begin to have.

It's physical, mental and emotional transformation that works from the inside out.

It's a new sense of confidence.

It's doing things you've never been able to do.

It's conquering your own demons.

It's pushing beyond those self-set limits.

It's showing up for yourself.

It's showing up for each other. Community, friends, family--by far the most rewarding part.

I don't know where this whole water-drinking, question-asking phenomenon is going to lead, but I really hope it's a step closer to the box.. Fingers crossed!

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